Saving Money with modular designs

Modular designs are making it significantly easier for many people to create tiny houses. The concept behind the tiny house is providing individuals and couples alike with a mobile space that can be affixed to a foundation if necessary. All in all many people opting for tiny houses have done away with the need for a significant mortgage and an oversized home. Tie directly with the minimalist movement, many people are doing away with material goods and focusing their efforts on living in a small space which they can transport as necessary to different locations. Some tiny house owners choose to create a home on a trailer or wheels so that they can drive it around from different places to different place where as others want to purchase a small piece of property and park it on their land. Not only is it more cost-effective but it affords many people significant freedoms that a regular mortgage and property taxes do not.

Today many people are choosing to build or at the very least design their own tiny houses and in so doing have found that modular designs help to save a significant amount of money when buying tiny houses for saleĀ in Oregon. Modular designs are growing in popularity around the world for individuals and companies alike set on designing homes at a cheaper cost. The way it works is that the construction for the specific components is done inside the factory at the same time that a foundation is laid on the final resting site for the home. This expedites the timeline for construction especially compared to traditional construction which requires that components be built after the foundation is laid. Moreover, having each of the main components such as the walls and the roof designed in a factory alleviates any postponement resulting from inclement weather. Once the components are constructed in a safe manufacturing environment they are transported to the foundation and put together much the same way the puzzle pieces are put together. Modular designs are not only a cheaper way for individuals to customize their own tiny house but they come with many add on features. Individuals who want to create a self-sustaining design that relies upon things like organic waste recycling and wind energy do not have to incorporate electrical elements or plumbing elements but those who want said elements can incorporate them at the factory setting.

Additionally different designs can be drafted which include one story or one and a half stories, different windows placements or backdoor entrances in addition to front door entrances. Having these customization features means that individuals can design tiny houses that fulfill multiple purposes such as a decently sized dining area that can convert into a workspace or a reading nook. The design templates are very similar to what one would find on the internal cabins of a large boat. All of this can be designed prior to manufacturing and then quickly and effectively manufactured inside a factory setting and subsequently delivered to the final resting site. All of this cuts down on the labor costs and the material costs by upwards of 30% compared to traditional construction.

What many people prefer about modular designs is not only the cost savings and time savings but the fact that customization features afford them the chance to construct a tiny home that incorporate some of the same aesthetic elements as traditional construction. Different paneling can be designed to mimic natural woods or stone elements, windows can be incorporated in the same way as traditional construction as well. With so many variations and so much money saved it is no wonder that these designs have become so popular.

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