What Are And How To Use Wireless Cannabis Grow Room Controllers?

Growing cannabis at home is pretty easy if you record things and learn from them. Most people achieve this by maintaining a simple diary because it allows them to experiment and record their own observations; however, it’s useful only if the diary is maintained regularly. For others like me who forget to record things, cannabis Grow room controllers may be the perfect solution.

Grow room controllers are nothing but electronic devices that give you full control over your grow room. The very point of growing cannabis indoors is that you’re the boss in there. If you maintain and regulate everything, your plants will be happy, but if you don’t, then it could get messy. Let’s take a look at two of the best grow room controllers available in the market today.


This is one of the best options for people who want extensive data of everything occurring in the grow room and with the best led grow lights. Growtronix technology does a great job at integrating data collection with the equipment used in the grow room.  It also has the ability to analyze data to give you an inkling about the proceedings in the room.

What’s more, the manufacturer claims that a grower cannot achieve the same results even if he were to sit in the grow room and do everything himself! Now that’s a bold claim, but if you take a look at the features, you’ll understand why it’s one of the best grow room controllers available today.

In simple words, it provides features to take screenshots, control the climate, i.e. temperature and humidity of the grow room, control the pH, CO2, EC/TDS, reservoir temperature and a lot more. Growtronix achieves this superior level of monitoring by integrating software analytics with humidity sensors, light detectors, CO2 and TDS sensors, flood detectors, webcams, smoke detectors and PAR sensors.

Whether you’re growing hydroponically or with soil, this device will be very useful for you. The Growtronix grow room controller is particularly useful for commercial growers who strive to grow some perfect weed. There are many more features available, but the most impressive one is that you can control everything remotely by using your iPhone, computer or other devices.


The SmartBee is one of the smartest grow room controllers you can find today. Whether it’s remote or real-time, you can access your grow room any day, which makes it a great choice for people who think twice about going to vacations simply because they can’t abandon their plants. Once you configure the system, it will provide a seamless experience by detecting any problems in the grow room.

SmartBee also has the Hive Gateway – a wireless gateway meant to handle the power and sensors. It also has a battery back-up, which means that you can gain remote access no matter where you’re traveling in the world!

Don’t think of this as just a monitoring system because it’s much, much more than that. When you get the exact data about everything happening in the grow room, it gives you the ability to correct any mistakes. Moreover, you won’t be stuck trying to figure out what went wrong with the plants because SmartBee will give you solutions.

With sensors for humidity, light, and temperature, you can control the climate in your grow room. You can also control the air conditioners, fans and dehumidifiers if you’ve installed any. With technology, you can now control every single thing that occurs in the grow room, and all you have to do is buy some of the best LED Grow lights, soil, and fertilizers, and SmartBee will take care of the rest.

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